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#15 Constant enumeration values are not being shared. new defect normal
#273 Handle hierarchical module names assigned kylevb enhancement normal 0.5.0
#276 Delay lifting of indices in type environments. new refactor normal
#280 Rewrites should be done with the most specific rule. new enhancement normal
#281 Well-formedness check for distinct witnesses is too strict. new tranma enhancement normal
#298 Need a more efficient way to compute the aliasing measure. new defect normal
#299 Bubble casts out of recursive lets. new enhancement normal
#301 Metadata generation is too slow new defect normal
#320 Handle all the import/export combinations. new defect normal
#321 Use internal linkage for symbols that aren't exported. new defect normal 0.5.0
#322 Make wrappers for exported functions new enhancement normal
#323 Insert type lambdas during inference with higher ranked types. new enhancement normal
#327 Allow external symbol to be specified with foreign C imports and exports. new enhancement normal
#332 Type inference does not handle deBruijn variables. new defect normal
#339 Properly integrate llvm opt support new defect normal
#347 Avoid name capture in dischargeConsWithElims new defect normal
#348 Restrict types of things that can be foreign imported new defect normal 0.5.0
#350 Tetra to Salt conversion of let-bound type applications is incomplete. new defect normal 0.4.3
#360 Remove need for extra Unit parameter on main function new enhancement normal 0.4.3
#362 Loading a .dct file loses the arity pragmas new defect normal 0.4.3
#363 Support multi-module core tetra code compilation. new enhancement normal 0.4.3
#364 Namify Salt type sigs that are added to interface files. new enhancement normal 0.4.3
#367 Block comments mess up line numbering in error messages. new defect normal 0.4.3
#369 Auto wrap foreign primitives and primops when passed to higher order functions. new enhancement normal 0.5.0
#370 Unterminated comments are not being detected in T271-UnterminatedComment new defect normal 0.4.3
#372 Implement name spacing new enhancement normal 0.5.0
#373 Check that type equations are not recursive. new defect normal 0.5.0
#374 Check specified kinds of type equations against their inferrer kinds. new defect normal 0.5.0
#379 Track variance information in type synonyms. new enhancement normal 0.5.0
#380 In source lexer, handle hex literals with size specifiers. new defect normal 0.5.0
#381 Escape non-printable characters in base Show library. new defect normal 0.5.0
#384 Unshare transform produces AST node with wrong type annotation. new defect normal
#385 Make type inference work with non-trivial type synonyms new benl enhancement normal 0.4.3
#386 Better inference when case alternatives have differing effects. new enhancement normal 0.5.0
#387 Insert local 'private' constructs. new enhancement normal 0.5.0
#388 When the compliance checker fails give a source location and more feedback. new defect normal 0.5.0
#389 Fix parsing of local recursive functions in 'do' syntax. new defect normal 0.4.3
#390 make where bindings mutually recursive. new defect normal 0.4.3
#391 Allow pattern bindings at top-level. new enhancement normal
#392 Repair C code generator new defect normal
#393 Repair 32-bit runtime. new defect normal
#394 Check that the dependency extractor is just parsing the module header. new enhancement normal 0.4.3
#395 Better inference for effectful case expressions. new enhancement normal
#396 When there is no export declaration in a module then export everything. new defect normal
#397 Shift ddc-war into ddc-tools package. new defect normal
#398 Make github front page contain some getting started or tutorial info, rather than release notes. new defect normal 0.4.3
#399 Shift development docs and tutorial info into man repo. new defect normal
#400 In Resolver, build maps of tycon to binding to improve performance. new defect normal
#401 In Resolver, check for incoherent instances. new defect normal
#402 Check that object allocs do not misalign the heap. new enhancement normal
#403 Fix specification of separate signatures with higher kinded type vars. new defect normal 0.4.3
#404 Need to freshen names of type vars when elaborating local sigs. new defect normal 0.4.3
#405 Segfault when importing foreign function with suspension type. new defect normal 0.4.3
#406 Auto run and rebox suspension types in the body of private constructs. new defect normal 0.4.3
#407 Auto box expressions if the expected type is a suspension new defect normal 0.4.3
#54 Support value recursion new steggles enhancement low _|_
#108 Support infix operator definitions new steggles enhancement low _|_
#303 Allow builtin type names to be reused as data constructor names. new steggles enhancement low _|_
#330 Lambda lifter doesn't work with anonymous binders. new defect low
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