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#350 Tetra to Salt conversion of let-bound type applications is incomplete. defect normal Core to Sea Translation 0.4.1
#360 Remove need for extra Unit parameter on main function enhancement normal Source to Core Translation 0.4.1
#362 Loading a .dct file loses the arity pragmas defect normal Compilation Driver 0.4.1
#363 Support multi-module core tetra code compilation. enhancement normal Compilation Driver 0.4.1
#364 Namify Salt type sigs that are added to interface files. enhancement normal Unknown 0.4.1
#367 Block comments mess up line numbering in error messages. defect normal Source Parser 0.4.2
#370 Unterminated comments are not being detected in T271-UnterminatedComment defect normal Source Parser 0.4.2
#385 Make type inference work with non-trivial type synonyms benl enhancement normal Core Type Checker 0.4.2
#389 Fix parsing of local recursive functions in 'do' syntax. defect normal Source Parser 0.4.2
#390 make where bindings mutually recursive. defect normal Unknown 0.4.2
#394 Check that the dependency extractor is just parsing the module header. enhancement normal Source Parser 0.4.2
#398 Make github front page contain some getting started or tutorial info, rather than release notes. defect normal Unknown 0.4.2
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